An essential childhood experience.

Why choose Sprouts?

Sprouts is an urban art & nature micro-school - a unique place found only in Champaign, IL.

We're small.

With a maximum of 18 students at Sprouts at any given time, we have a tight-knit community of families. 

We're urban.

Sprouts is located in central Champaign; we think nature isn’t a place you have to go, we can appreciate it wherever we are.

We're outside.

Sprouts preschool & after-school kids rarely go indoors – and our childcare class only spends rest time inside.

the nature

We’re discovering everything Central Illinois nature has to offer in every season at Sprouts.

the art

At Sprouts natural materials and process-style art gives children the tools and the confidence to create.

the play

Sprouts kids are immersed in free play with loose parts for extended periods of time.

the sprouts experience

Sprouts provides an essential childhood experience; the staff, mission, philosophy and environment ensure it.  

the sprouts school

You won't find another school like ours.

the programs

Kids can attend preschool, childcare, after-school care, and summer camps in Champaign.

the curriculum

Our curriculum follows the natural events of Central Illinois seasons.

the schedule

Students get the time to explore nature, the tools to create art and the space to play.

the sprouts Reviews

the sprouts admissions

Our admission process at Sprouts, like our school, isn't one you've seen before.

Interest List

Rather than a wait list, we keep an interest list of families that would like to be notified when an opening arises at Sprouts.



When we have an opening, we will invite families from our interest list to apply for the spot. 


Interview & Tour

Upon receiving applications, we will schedule interviews and tours of the Sprouts facility.



Following successful interviews, we will invite families to enroll at Sprouts.

the connection

We'd love to connect! If you have questions that aren't answered on our website, send us a note! Caity & Ellen personally answer every email.