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An essential childhood experience.

Sprouts is an urban art & nature micro-school - a unique place found only in Champaign, IL.

We're small.

With a maximum of 18 students at Sprouts at any given time, we have a tight-knit community of families. 

We're urban.

Sprouts is located in central Champaign; nature isn’t a place we have to travel to – we can appreciate it everywhere we are.

We're outside.

Sprouts preschool & after-school kids rarely go indoors – and our childcare class spends only rest time inside.

The nature.

We’re discovering, noticing, and developing appreciation for everything Central Illinois nature has to offer – in every season – at Sprouts.

The art.

At Sprouts, natural materials and process-style projects give children the tools to create art and the confidence and freedom to develop creativity.

The play.

Extended periods of free play with loose parts give children the opportunity to develop social skills, discover interests and talents, and grow imaginations.

Sprouts was developed and designed to provide children with an essential childhood experience. Our staff, mission, philosophy and environment intersect to create this truly magical adventure.

You won't find another school like ours.

the programs

Sprouts offers three school-year programs in Champaign: morning preschool, full-day childcare, after-school care.

the curriculum

Our curriculum follows the natural events of Central Illinois seasons as children discover, experience, and play.

the schedule

Students are provided the time to explore nature, the materials to create art, and the space to immerse in play.

Our admission process at Sprouts, like our school, isn't one you've seen before.

Rather than a wait list, we keep a pool of families waiting for a space at Sprouts. To be included in the pool, just complete our Interest Application.  Families in our interest pool are contacted first regarding all enrollment opportunities.


Sprouts holds our main enrollment session for the upcoming school-year each March. We have rolling admissions during the year for additional openings.  Families in the interest pool are emailed our Enrollment Application for openings.


Upon receiving completed enrollment applications, we schedule interviews and tours of the Sprouts facility with families that seem to be a good fit with Sprouts.  As a very small operation, a good fit is an essential part of the experience.

We'd love to connect! Whether you have questions, ideas, requests, or donations Caity & Ellen personally answer every email.