sprouts art and nature school

what is sprouts?

Sprouts is an urban art & nature micro-school.

Sprouts is preschool, after-school, child-care, classes, camps & events.

Sprouts is Caity & Ellen. 

Sprouts is one-of-a-kind.

what is an art & nature school?

Nature is the ultimate expression of art.  All art is a reflection of nature.  Sprouts brings art & nature together for children to connect the creativity of art with the beauty of nature, building a core appreciation of each. 

Creating sculptures from homemade clay, preserving autumn color leaves in wax, and choreographing a butterfly ballet are just a few of the many projects experienced by children at Sprouts daily.

Children spend most of their time at Sprouts building, creating, and playing with natural loose parts materials outdoors. oo

what is an urban nature school?

Sprouts is located in a residential neighborhood in the heart of Champaign, IL.  A four-lane road runs nearby, a gas station is down the street, and the hustle and bustle of city life surround the property.  

Sprouts is also located on over 14,000 sq feet with large play space full of natural materials, a variety of eco-systems and habitats, and wildlife visitors of many kinds. 

Sprouts showcases how nature is the basis of all life.  Nature is not just a place to visit, not just prairies or oceans or jungles.  Nature is everywhere and we can – and should – appreciate it, enjoy it, and conserve it in our everyday lives. 

An urban nature school is an outdoor space - much like your own backyard or public park - to explore, learn, discover, and enjoy nature as part of our every day lives.

what is a micro-school?

A micro-school is a small consistent community of families.  

Sprouts has approximately twenty families each school year including several sets of siblings.  Sprouts has only two teachers and one substitute, small class sizes, and an overall small program.  

The small number of families, frequently aligned values and hobbies, and children of similar ages, creates a tight-knit group of forming lasting meaningful relationships.


why is all this important?

Children today are far less exposed to both art and nature than any generation before.  In order to help grow kids that are creative, free-thinking, respectful, and appreciative of the earth, we need to re-instate these experiences in early childhood. 

Sprouts aims to provide children ages 2 years – 8 years the chance to play outside, to explore the natural world, to connect with local eco-systems, to form relationships, and to develop imagination. 


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