sprouts art and nature school

green practices

In helping grow the next generation of environmentalists at Sprouts, we take our responsibilities to our planet seriously. At Sprouts Art & Nature School, we aim to practice what we teach.

As part of our curriculum we teach about composting, recycling, energy saving, responsible purchasing, local produce and food supplies.  In addition, to the best of our abilities, we:

reduce and refuse

outdoor gear 3
  • Reduce use of resources:
    • We wear sweaters and turn down the heat or use fans to keep cool instead of air-conditioning.
    • We collect rainwater for the garden & plant native plants that need less water.
  • Refuse excess:
    • We purchase and use only what we need.
    • We pass on extras to someone or somewhere they can be used.
    • We try to source used items whenever possible.

reuse and re-imagine

  • Re-use items:
    • We take unused items and use them for another purpose – the sink from a remodeled bathroom became our mud kitchen sink and our broken deck lumber became the boardwalk.
    • We always use both sides of our art paper!
  • Re-imagine items:
    • We also take our old items and use the materials to become something brand new! Our butterfly habitat was made from our old windows.
    • Old wall 2×4’s became all five of our new inside children’s tables.

repair & replace

  • Repair items:
    • Sewing, gluing and taping are a part of our daily routine.
    • We have & know how to use tools of all kinds! Our playhouse used to be on a friend’s playground; Sprouts can be rough on items so we repair it often!
  • Replace items:
    • Un-repairable items are replaced with items that are sustainable, easily repaired, and/or less wasteful whenever possible. Some sections of our interior wood flooring needed to be replaced – we chose a very similar bamboo product.

recycle & responsible

  • Recycle & Recycled
    • We choose recycled or recycle-able materials and/or packaging.
    • Our recycling bin is constantly full and the children know what items belong there. 
    • We use many items as loose parts for play!  Metal coffee tins, PVC pipe, and unused wire have been great hits on the playground.
  • Responsible Practices:
    • We also choose responsible companies, responsibly sourced materials, and shop local! Our giant bird’s nest play structure was made by students at Champaign Central High School!

Have some items we might be able to re-imagine or use as loose parts? 

Ready to help grow the next generation of environmentalists?