sprouts art and nature school

is Sprouts right for you?

It certainly isn’t right for everyone – but we think Sprouts offers an essential childhood experience. 

Sprouts is a nature school, to be certain, but it is also a micro-school, an urban school, an art school, and a community.  

Learn more about Sprouts here. 

Here are some questions to consider when you consider your childcare, preschool, or after-school care. 

1. Does your family love nature?

Seems obvious, but really think about it. 

Do you seek out nature experiences as a family?

No one is required to love every single bit of nature, but embracing the rougher aspects as well as the beautiful ones is an important part of nature school.  

Kids at Sprouts encounter mosquitoes & wasps, mud & sand, fungi & slugs; they will also develop a fondness for insects, appreciation for plants and animals, and an acceptance of all types of weather. 

Yes we do!

Us too!

Kids at Sprouts are outside playing, exploring, and learning in nature up to 100% of each day! You should sign up - now.
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Ok, ok - not ALL types of weather.

We definitely head in when it is over 100 or under 10 degrees. Or dangerous. But the more kids experience outside, the more they benefit.
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Not especially.

more of an inside family?

That's cool too! We're willing to bet that your kid would love nature school - but it will take commitment! Don't worry, we can handle it.
Sprouts staff

kids in nature research

children and nature

Are we supporting the connection?

2. Does your family embrace a mess?

There is one part of Sprouts School that is sure to come home with the kids every day: dirt. 

Sometimes mud, or sand, or rocks.  Sometimes pollen, or seeds, or gunk that no one is quite sure what it is.  But always dirt.  Dirty clothes, dirty coats, dirty shoes, dirty hands and faces. 

At Sprouts, we consider the dirt a sign of a great day exploring in nature! 

Does the thought of all that mess make your skin crawl, or are you okay with throwing in some extra laundry?

What mess?

Life gets messy.

Along with everything else, amiright? Life is for living, clothes are for cleaning. You guys will love Sprouts.
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We like to be tidy...

Guess what?

All this mess means we are also always practicing cleaning up! And who doesn't want their kids practicing cleaning?
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That's fair.

Kids are messy already, to be sure. So let them get it out of their system at Sprouts! We will try to hose them off before they come home.
green practices

kids in the mud research

benefits of mud play

It's not just okay, it's important.

dirt is good

Why kids need exposure to germs.

3. Does your family appreciate atypical education?

Kids at Sprouts are not getting a typical academic-focused education.

They aren’t doing flash cards or worksheets.  They aren’t focusing on a shape, letter, or color each week. 

What they are doing is learning through play.  They are imagining complex scenarios and practicing different types of social interactions.   They are learning problem solving, risk taking, appreciation for our planet, and – perhaps most importantly – how to learn.   

They are finding out that no matter what you are doing – no matter how small, how mundane, how typical – there is always an opportunity to learn. 



The best learning is happening when you don't even notice. Infants are learning every second of every day - why shouldn't we all?
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Not sure yet...


It's tough to buck the system. But kids that spend their early childhood playing are ready for academic skills when they need to be!
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No, not really.

We still like you.

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree. At Sprouts, kids are learning all the time how to get along without necessarily agreeing. We try to do the same.
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research on the importance of play

5 proven benefits of play

Writing a prescription for play.

10 things

every parent should know about play

4. Does your family value positive risk-taking?

Does your child learn an important lesson by falling? 

We believe they do.  

Kids are natural risk-takers – it’s the only way to learn what you are capable of  – and they begin with physical risks.  Unsuccessful attempts offer kids lessons in resilience, patience, and grit.  Success offers confidence, purpose, and skill.   

When kids fall down at Sprouts we always compliment their falling skills – avoiding something sharp or protecting their face – learning to fall is an important life skill!


It's smart, right?

Everyone falls. Everyone fails. What better lesson to learn early on?
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It's an interesting concept...

We agree!

A very interesting concept. But don't take our word for it! There is plenty of research.
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I know, right?

Perhaps this going against all parenting advice you've always lived by. We can see that! But doesn't hurt to learn about a new way, right?
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risky play in early childhood

Risk taking is an important part of childhood.

what's your result?

Your results should be pretty clear.  And we want all our Sprouts families to be as invested in our unique concepts: kids at Sprouts love nature, get messy, don’t participate in rigorous academics, and take risks. 

But this isn’t ALL there is to Sprouts. Our philosophy, staff, size, curriculum, and more are completely unique to us! Email us to learn all about it.

We’d love to tell you more about why this is right for EVERY kid: Benefits of Art & Nature School.