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“Sprouts aims to help grow the next generation of environmentalists.”

-Caity & Ellen

Our goal at Sprouts is to help children connect with art, nature, and each other on a base level through exploration, creation, and imaginative play. Sprouts provides art & nature classes, summer camps, childcare, preschool, and events.

leaf hair

exploration: nature

Free play in nature is less frequent but more important than ever, and at Sprouts, our outdoor classroom is used for all kinds of purposes.

This outdoor classroom is where children can discover some of the amazing things that central Illinois nature has to offer. We actively encourage children to observe, respect, and engage with nature and natural materials.

creation: art

Free play in art is another area that is more important than ever. At Sprouts, we aim to offer a wide variety of materials, methods, and process art projects for children of all ages.

Structured art activities are focused on the process of creating to encourage imagination and personal representation, rather than the product created.

imagination: play

Free play is the foundation of Sprouts. Free play allows children to grow their creative, social, leadership, and physical skills in a natural and authentic way.

Sprouts offers free play during summer camps, classes, and childcare. Or rent the space for free play on your own terms!