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At Sprouts, we're highly invested in a good school-family fit.

Sprouts Enrollment for the 2023 - 2024 school year has closed. All additional openings during this school year will be filled by families in our Interest Pool. To be added to the pool, please complete our Interest Application.

The process

Sprouts Enrollment isn’t like enrollment at many other childcares, preschools, or programs.  As a very small school we are invested in ensuring that each family is a good fit with the program, so we do not keep a traditional wait list. 


Step One is completing an Interest Application. Every new family interested in Sprouts Art & Nature School is directed here first. 

Completed Interest Applications add your family to a pool of interested families eligible for Step Two. Families that do not have an Interest Application on file are not eligible for Step Two. 

Our annual Enrollment Session begins in February for each school-year, but enrollment is rolling throughout the year based on availability.

Interest Applications may be completed at any time, but are only available by creating a Brightwheel account; Brightwheel is a service we use for many purposes at Sprouts.


Enrollment Application

Step Two is completing an Enrollment Application. We email all families in our interest pool during enrollment periods and in the event of additional openings to provide access to our Enrollment Application.

The Enrollment Application is an opportunity to tell us more about your family, your child, and your childcare needs. 

Completed Enrollment Applications add your child to a pool of children eligible for Interviews and Tours.  Children that do not have an Enrollment Application on file are not eligible for Step Three.

The Enrollment Application form is very thorough and includes most Sprouts policies. We truly appreciate the time it takes to complete and gives us great insight into which families and children will flourish at Sprouts.


Interviews & Tours

Step Three is an Interview and Tour at Sprouts. We email families that have completed an Enrollment Application to set up an Interview and Tour at Sprouts. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Step Three to every family that completes Step Two.

Interviews and tours are used to meet your family in-person, tour our facility, discuss policies and practices and determine if there is a good childcare-family fit.

Upon completion of our interview period we will offer Enrollment opportunities.  Deciding factors usually include program, schedule, age, and the balance of our current enrollment.

the tours

Our tours are conducted in correlation with our interviews. We realize it isn’t ideal to get this far into the process prior to visiting, but our small number of staff (two) limits our availability outside of our childcare hours. 

The Sprouts Nature Playground, pictured here, is a large space where children may run, play, explore, jump, discover, build, climb, interact and relax. Children can choose where and how to play, when to change playmates or play items, and use loose parts play.
A map of the interior of Sprouts Art & Nature School, this photo shows the layout, furniture, and entrances to Sprouts.

the tuition

Tuition is based on each child’s age, program and schedule.  Payments are made monthly in 10 equal installments. 

Please contact us regarding Scholarship Opportunities.

Tuition listed is for August 2023 – May 2024.

Sprouts Tuition pictured here.
Sprouts extended day program tuition listed here.

the links

interest application

Get a head start on our next enrollment.

You will be required to make a Brightwheel account to submit your application.


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