sprouts art and nature school

The benefits of daily opportunities

to explore nature and develop creativity

will last a lifetime.


stronger resilience

Children with more access to natural areas have better resilience in dealing with stress.
(Corraliza, Collado, & Bethelmy, 2012)

better self-regulation

Increased frequency and length of use of green spaces shows gains in self-regulation.
(Faber Taylor & Butts-Wilmsmeyer, 2020)

general mental wellness

Access to green space improved children's confidence, social interactions, cognitive development, academic achievement, and emotional well-being.

increased physical ability

Children are more active outdoors - creating opportunities for increased physical awareness, skill, balance, and strength.


better problem-solving

Children with experiences in process art practice independent decision making frequently.

more confidence

Increased practice in creating works and experimenting with materials gives children more confidence.

improved communication

Access to art supplies and freedom of choice allow children more opportunities for abstract communication and productive conversation.

increased creativity

Children with practice creating are more creative, imaginative, flexible, and demonstrate increased ingenuity.