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East Central Illinois has some truly amazing people and fantastic businesses!

Allerton Park Director & Ellen sporting the Sprouts pollinator t-shirts.

Allerton Park & Retreat Center

Allerton is a local treasure offering a unique chance to experience nature, art, and history in one.  Featuring over 1,500 aces of woodland and prairie, a 10-acre meadow, formal sculpture gardens, hiking trails, a café, and several lodging facilities. 

Sprouts loves working with Allerton; they host a multitude of family-friendly experiences all featuring the intersection of art + nature – just like us!

Among others,  Sprouts participates in sponsoring activities, art projects for the Children’s Corner, and raising funds for our Nature Playground at the Allerton Park Concert Series with our Sprouts hand kites and pollinator t-shirts.

felted hand kites
Allerton inspired Fu Dog hand kites

Urban Butterfly Initiative

UBI is a community service organization out of Charleston, IL providing expertise and guidance on modifying urban green spaces to create native butterfly habitats.

“UBI uses butterflies as ambassadors to nature, providing an approachable, fascinating, and beautiful link between people and the environment.”

At Sprouts, UBI designed a native butterfly garden to add to our educational activities involving pollinators and pollinating plants.  

Planting began in Spring 2021 with approximately 150 native plants from the Grand Prairie Friends Native Plant Sale.

You can find more garden updates on the UBI site here.


Sprouts students watch a Red Spotted Purple Admiral emerge on our Apple tree in the UBI butterfly garden.

partner with Sprouts

 We’re always into working with other small businesses to get more kids involved in art and nature. Contact us!