sprouts art and nature school

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Tell me more about Sprouts.

Since Sprouts has only two employees (staff), we try to put as much information as possible on this site! You can find our school information, history, and much more right here.


Can we schedule a tour?

We unfortunately cannot offer tours outside of our enrollment process. You can read more about admissions to Sprouts, or come visit at an event or class!


Does Sprouts have any openings?

Our school-year calendar leaves few openings outside of our August enrollment, which we begin each March. After our current students have claimed spots, we begin emailing our Interest Applicants. This is also the best way to hear if we have a mid-year opening.

Read through the whole site and still have questions? Email us! As the only two staff, Caity & Ellen personally answer every email. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.