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Ready to enroll at Sprouts?


Sprouts has a unique enrollment process, in that we do not hold a typical wait list.  in our attempt to ensure the best possible family-school fit, we interview each family prior to enrollment. 

When not in our usual enrollment period, which is usually March & April, our enrollment process follows these steps:

  1. Interest Application
  2. Policies
  3. Apply & Interview
  4. Enrollment

During our enrollment period, we encourage families to skip straight to steps 2 and 3. 


Whether you are just starting to learn about Sprouts or you are ready to start as soon as possible, please fill out our simple interest application.

While we don’t have a traditional wait list, we use our interest forms to contact interested families when we have openings and when we being interviews for the semester.

This application requires neither intent nor guarantee of application or enrollment.

Sprouts Online Application

Sprouts-Interest-Application (Download PDF)

Sprouts-Interest-Application (Download .docx)


Our policies are what we consider to be the backbone of Sprouts – they provide the foundation on which this business is run. We update policies frequently, but this page provides a general overview of what you can expect at Sprouts.

Our calendar provides the yearly snapshot of when Sprouts provides care – on a school-year basis from August – May.  Calendars are updated yearly and given at enrollment. 

policies (PDF)

Sprouts 2020 – 2021 Calendar (PDF) *Sprouts updates calendars officially each March. 


This official application is for families that have already decided that Sprouts is a great fit through visits, events, personal recommendations, or research.

We will interview families for enrollment based on received official applications.


After interviews, we will invite families that best fit with our current enrollment, schedule, and program to enroll!