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Sprouts acorn and oak leaf logo.
Sprouts acorn and oak leaf logo.

Sprouts Art & Nature School

At Sprouts Art & Nature School our mission is to provide the time, space, and community
for children to play, explore nature, and create art.
Our hope is that children leave Sprouts with:
an enduring connection with nature,
a meaningful understanding of art,
a tight-knit supportive community,
a highly developed imagination,
a strong sense of empathy,
limitless self-confidence,
and genuine grit.
Have you ever done the classic childhood activities like the children in this photo? Children at Art & Nature School have.
Sprouts kids have experienced all of these things. Shouldn't yours too?
"Sprouts is a phenomenal fit for our child, who spends most days outside immersed in nature, pursuing nature related interests and making art. We absolutely love the safe and nurturing environment they provide our kiddo."
Sprouts Art & Nature School
Sprouts Parent
Sprouts kids are making discoveries, embracing exploration, and building creativity.
Sprouts kids are making memories, embracing independence, and building confidence.
Sprouts kids are making art, embracing nature, and building imagination.
Sprouts kids are making messes, embracing weather, and building friendships.