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Sprouts Art & Nature School gets lots of smiles from lots of kids, like the one here - check out what their parents say about Sprouts and the best daycare in Champaign-Urbana.

The smiles say it all.

But their parents rave too.

Best Daycare in C-U
The outdoor setting, lots of engaging, creative and inclusive educational activities and the personal, caring staff make Sprouts the best daycare in C-U.
No Place Like It
In the interest of moving, we looked all around our future area for a preschool like Sprouts. But when we couldn't find anything even close? We put down roots and bought a house here.
The One & Only
I've looked at and even worked at other childcares, but I wouldn't send my daughter anywhere else. If she weren't at Sprouts, I'd be keeping her at home.


childcare parent

Sprouts has been amazing for our timid, indoor-loving, homebody girl. 

  She was very hesitant to go anywhere that wasn’t at home with mom (😅), but Sprouts has brought out a whole other side of her! She now looks forward to going every time, has a new found appreciation of the outdoors, loves being barefoot, and her creativity and independent play skills have soared.
  Ms. Ellen & Ms. Caity have helped our girl navigate some big feelings and tricky social relationships; she has come home practicing the solutions they’ve talked to her about. It’s clear she really values their opinions and feels safe to express her feelings when she’s with them.
  There is a noticeable difference in our girl’s demeanor when leaving Sprouts these days. She is calm, and happy, and relaxed, and eager to return.
  Sprouts has done so much to help her personality blossom over the past year. We are very grateful an awesome place like his exists so close to us!”


Our daughter had such a wonderful time at Sprouts. She was treated like a family member and developed wonderful friendships. Learning, fun, discovery, and social development were all at the center of daily activities.

The fabulous Sprouts teachers are truly dedicated to helping each individual thrive, and using nature to teach and inspire. Sprouts is a one-of-a-kind school in our area, and a lovely place for children to learn and explore.
We were lucky to have found Sprouts for our daughter! She was very unhappy with the person who was caring for her and going here changed her whole attitude. The teachers go above and beyond to make the kids feel, safe and loved. I definitely recommend!!!

phenominal fit

Sprouts is a phenomenal fit for our child, who spends most days outside immersed in nature, pursuing nature related interests and making art. Our child had a difficult time at more traditional programs due to their abundant energy level. Not only do the providers offer ample activity to quell our child’s thirst for action, they also keep detailed progress notes, happily answer any questions we have, plus they quickly adapted to the new Covid regulations and have had ZERO cases. We absolutely love the safe and nurturing environment they provide our kiddo.



complete trust