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Our curriculum is based in extended periods of free play highlighted by art and nature experiences.


The spaces at our school a main element of our curriculum.  Our spaces are designed to bring nature to our inside play and art to our outside play, to ensure children have a strong sense of attainability and accessibility to nature experiences, and to promote the importance of community. 

This in-depth experience with nature leads to an appreciation and connection that puts responsibility squarely on our human shoulders. And the frequent interaction with our art materials and expressive projects leads to creativity born of use.

Learn more about our environment or take a tour here:

seasons of study

The Sprouts curriculum isn’t exactly a student-led emergent curriculum. It’s more like nature-led.  Our interests are peaked by events outside – changing of seasons, animals and insects, flowers and trees – and we delve deeper what we’re most excited about.  We have a carefully curated selection of books to support our research, a wealth of volunteer specialists that visit with additional information, and the beauty of the nature right in our own backyard. 

You can find out more about our mission of attainable nature here:

academic instruction

As Early Childhood Educators, we believe that childhood is a special time during which our core values take root. At no other point in life are humans so invested in the wonders of our Earth and at no other time do those wonders have the same impact. Learning about life through discovery of nature is the foundation of childhood – and there is plenty of time for academics later. You can read more about our methods in our philosophy: