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sprouts preschool

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preschool classes

Sprouts has one mixed-age class of 18 children taught by Caity & Ellen.


Preschoolers are between ages 2 y – 6 y. Children may enroll as soon as they turn two years old if we have a suitable opening.


Sprouts Preschool meets on a school-year basis between August and May each year.  Calendars for the school-year are provided at enrollment. 


Sprouts Preschool offers enrollment in Monday – Friday (5-day), Monday-Wednesday-Friday (3-day), or Tuesday-Thursday (2-day) weekly schedule.


Sprouts Preschool meets between 7:30 am and 11:30 am daily.

at Sprouts


> learn to immerse themselves in play

> grow in balance and coordination

> establish independence and self-help skills

> appreciate and discover the natural world

> develop imagination and creativity

> build connections and friendships

> foster empathy and care for others

> form a sense of self within the world

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