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Sprouts Stories are tales from an urban nature school.

Sprouts is a one-of-a-kind place; it’s a nature school with traffic sounds, a typical house with a school inside, and a backyard turned environmental haven.  It sits on one-third of an acre in a residential neighborhood of our little city of Champaign, IL.  Sprouts is twenty children and two teachers experiencing nature all day every day.  

yellow butterfly zoom

Sprouts Stories is our chronicle of the little and bigger events we are lucky enough to experience as we enjoy our time outside. 

As we come up on a full-year at this location, we have been reviewing some of the exciting things to happen through the year.

-In Spring we watched all of our plants return from dormancy. 

-Summer brought monarchs – we raised over fifty!

-In Fall we found a Vole that lives near our compost. 

-This Winter we’ve been watching a hawk that circles near our yard. 


Follow along to learn some of the things that could be happening right outside your door.


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