sprouts art and nature school

Sprouts outdoor Nature Playground has over 1700 sq ft, separated into several mini-ecosystems.

Sprouts has a wooded area with understory trees, shade wildflowers found in the forest (bluebells, trilium, bleeding hearts among many) as well as our many bird houses, feeders, and bird baths (21).  The children also enjoy our oversized bird’s nest (20), cave (8), mud kitchen (9), and climbing area (18 & 19) here. 

bird houses

Our tall grass prairie area also has some growing to do! Many types of grasses and full-sun wildflowers. The height of the plants in this area makes it extra special! We also have our tree-stump table and chairs (13) and play structure (12) in this area. 

Our pollinator garden (15) is the furthest along! Summer brought us over 30 species of insects, dozens of flowers, and much excitement! We have bee and butterfly houses, a bat house, and a strawberry patch (14).  The main event in this garden is counting and raising Monarch butterflies – in 2020 we raised and released over 50!

butterfly garden
  1. parking area
  2.  gated entrance to sprouts
  3. outdoor hand-washing station
  4. entrance to sprouts indoors
  5. visible compost
  6. loose parts storage
  7. bird bath
  8. cave
  9. mud kitchen
  10. patio
  11. digging area
  12. play structure
  13. stump table & chairs
  14. strawberry patch
  15. pollinator garden
  16. play house
  17. magic mirror
  18. boulder climbing area
  19. climber
  20. oversized bird nest
  21. bird garden