sprouts art and nature school

Champaign-Urbana is an amazing community! We feel so lucky to have your support.

If you’d like to help Sprouts succeed, there are a few ways to do so. And we always try to pass on the generosity; any unused donations are passed on to other in-need causes in Champaign-Urbana.

  1. Native Plants: We love gardening and we also love gardeners!
    • Have hostas to split? Ground cover? Extra bulbs? We will take them!
    • We have full-sun to full-shade in our nature playground, but we can’t take anything poisonous!
  2. Books & Games: We always love having fun new readers for the kids – and if they are about art or nature, all the better!
    • Children’s picture books, early readers, and grade-school chapter books are all appreciated!
    • Board Games of all kinds.
  3. Art Supplies: Kids at Sprouts have unrestricted access to all kinds of art supplies, which means we go through them fast!
    • We appreciate donations of all kinds of art supplies – especially consumables!
    • Paper, construction paper, newspaper, card stock, scraps of scrapbooking paper – empty the recycling bin and bring us anything that has a blank side!
    • Magazines, catalogs – cut into color swatches is best!
    • Feathers, sequins, stickers, buttons, yarn, foam board, you name it, we have a use for it!
  4. Natural Loose-Parts Materials: Our Nature playground is stocked with natural loose-parts materials – but as we all know, nature can be fleeting.
    • We can always use rocks, boulders, stumps, logs, and wood disks.
    • We can also use the less-natural but still necessary mulch, grass seed, gravel, and always bird seed.
  5. We do have need for new materials every now and again. We keep a wish list on Amazon for such things, although we try to and recommend buying local when possible!

We so appreciate your support! Donations can be dropped at Sprouts at any time, or we can pick them up!